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Published: 2015-11-18


Alaska’s regional and village corporations have become a huge financial asset to Alaska, but their business success, contributions to the state’s economy and their role in strengthening Alaska’s small rural communities is unknown to many.

We hope to change that. Today, amid uncertainties facing Alaska, the ANCSA corporations provide a powerful stabilizing influence. In 2014, regional and selected village corporations earned $8.578 billion in revenues, $305 million in net profits and paid out $156 million in dividends to shareholders who mostly live in Alaska, according to data from the ANCSA Regional Assoc. Also, 59 percent of the corporations’ net incomes was distributed in dividends, scholarships and support for nonprofit organizations in 2014.

Alaskans need to know this. We want to do our part in telling the story.

Table of Contents

Special Report – Education

ANSEP – The Next Generation
ANSEP is changing the paradigm for rural Alaska education, showing that disadvantaged students from small village schools can succeed in advanced mathematics and science studies


Rural high school students from across the North Slope tackle geosciences in a University of Alaska Fairbanks program

Corporation Profiles

NANA Regional Corporation – NANA, one of the most successful Native regional corporations, invests heavily in shareholder development and training

Who is NANA?

Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Coming off a good financial year, BBNC is poised for new acquisitions

Focus on Alaskan Investments, BBNC

Sealaska Corporation
With its lands finally acquired, Sealaska moves to sustainable timber harvesting, strengthening the Southeast economy

Sealaska subsidiary Haa Aaní – working to boost local economies

Eklutna Inc.
Eklutna’s residential home development is helping ease a tight Anchorage housing shortage

Doyon Ltd.
Doyon’s 2014 revenues and earnings were up, thanks to strong performance of its oil and gas service subsidiaries

Sector Reports

Oil and Gas
Arctic Policy

Alaska Native Management Report
Arctic Slope Subsidiary Pushing Boundary of

Materials Science
Bristol Bay “Nuture Capital”

What’s ANCSA all about?