b'.1 stMarine Division Schools continued from pg. 6 Competitions vary annually, but generally include liveCorpsmen are nominated from each CTM course by thefire range evaluations, land navigation, multiple written instructors to be further educated in NETOs week-longexams, basic infantry skill evaluations, physical training Valkyrie Emergency Fresh Whole Blood course that trainsassessments, leadership and cohesion of the squad, tactical Corpsmen on the proper techniques and procedures formovements, and tactics evaluations. Throughout thecombat blood transfusions, using live personnel for practicalcompetition, the squads are evaluated and scored toapplication. NETO instructors additionally offer INDOC anddetermine the most proficient mechanized infantry squad Sick Call Screeners courses to Corpsmen transitioning fromwithin the 1st Marine Division.Navy operations to Marine Corps operations, training themThe winning squad from the LAR Squad Competitionin the basic knowledge required for them to function asis allowed to move on and compete in the other annualCorpsmen for the Marine Corps, including Marine Corps unitcompetition hosted by Division Schoolsthe 1st Marine medical functions. By ensuring that every Corpsman knowsDivision Commanding Generals (CG) Supersquad how to properly recognize signs and symptoms of medicalCompetition. The CGs Supersquad Competition is theissues and injury patterns, Division Schools NETO instructors enhance the training and combat efficiency of the total force.continued on page 10of the Marine Corps every day, both at home and abroad.(Photo by HM2 Jeffrey Mays, US Navy: NETO CTM 5-20 student applies a tourniquet to the severely hemorrhaging left arm of a role player casualty at Strategic Operations, San Diego on 21 May, 2020.)Squad CompetitionsIn addition to the continuous training offered by staff and instructors through courses, Division Schools hosts two annual competitions during the summer on Camp Pendleton. The first competition is the annual Light Armor Reconnaissance (LAR) Squad Competition, where rifle squads from mechanized infantry units within the 1st Marine Division are provided an opportunity to prove themselves during a rigorous three-day exercise encompassing all of the basic skills necessary for the success of an individual rifle squad. Instructors provide teams with time sensitive instructions throughout the competition in order to challenge and test the squads and squad leaders on their leadership,(Photo by Sgt Anthony Mitchell, USMC: Corporals Course 7-20 students engages in closequarters combat training with simulation rounds during squad offensive and defensivephysical ability, marksmanship, teamwork and knowledge.fundamentals practical application at a MOUT facility, Camp Pendleton on 17 June, 2020.)8 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HJanuary 2021 H Thank You For Your Service'