b'.1 stMarine Division Schools continued from pg. 8 without the dedication and proficiency of the Division highlight of the year for Division Schools, and for many onSchools support staff. Marines in staff and supportCamp Pendleton, with infantry units participating from acrosspositions at Division Schools, like Staff Non-Commissioned the 1st Marine Division. Competing squads are evaluatedOfficer-In-Charge (SNCOIC), MGySgt Johnny Mendez, work during the competition to determine the most effective andcontinuously to ensure that courses and training events are combat ready infantry rifle squad in the Division.able to continue. With minimal staff to handle operations, In addition to the events and evaluations from the LARlogistics, armory and ammunition requirements, Division Squad Competition, the CGs competition doubles the lengthSchools staff members work tirelessly to coordinate internally of the competition, adding several events and evaluationsand with multiple elements across Headquarters Battalion, that make this competition more difficult and much more1st Marine Division to succeed in the Division Schools mission challenging. Challenges in the CGs competition include to enhance the proficiency and lethality of Marines.combat life saving techniques, squad offense and defenseInstructors and staff at Division Schools take pride in operations, receiving and executing time sensitive orders,knowing that their actions have a positive and lasting impact force on force evaluations, and marksmanship evaluations.on the minds and bodies of the Marines of the 1st Marine The specifics of the competition are not provided until Division, advancing the skills and leadership qualities of the squads arrive and they are only given tactical ordersMarines across the Division while in garrison through tactical incrementally to communicate the next mission during and technical proficiency development, and preparing the the competition, in order to enhance the evaluations of Marine Corps force in readiness for humanitarian or combat decision-making, squad tactics and leadership under stress. actions in any location Marines are sent to advance the military 1st Marine Division Schools, through its various courses,and national objectives of the United States of America. training events and competitions, undoubtedly increases theSemper Fidelis. Heffectiveness and lethality of every Marine passing through its doors, acting as a force multiplier for the Marine Corps For questions about courses and instructions for nominations, in future combat operations around the world. With so manyMarines and units can contact Division Schools by e-mail at functioning elements, courses and events would be impossible1stMarineDivisionSchools@usmc.mil.(U.S. Marine Corps photo by GySgt Chad J. Pulliam, USMC: Marines with 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division are awarded 1st place in Supersquad 2020, at Camp Pendleton on 21 August, 2020.)10 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HJanuary 2021 H Thank You For Your Service'