b"U.S. Marines, Sailors, and Civilians with I Marine Expeditionary Force attend the Operational Logistics Seminar (OLS) on Camp Pendleton, CA, November 30, 2020. OLS, a four-day seminar from 30 November until 3 December, is a naval logistics integration opportunity that educates service members on how to transfer logistics from the strategic level to the tactical level. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Abigail Paul)I MEF prepares for Maj. Andrew Kettner, the West Team Officer in charge of Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group (MCLOG)s Learning Department. At the operational and strategic future of logistics levels, it's all the same-were just different services. When we give seminars like this, we're starting to bridge that gap from a tactical focus into an operational focus. This is often Story by: Lance Cpl. Abigail Paul involves logistics before anything else. American military personnel are constantly deployedMCLOG hosts OLSs to train large units like Marine all over the world. In every clime and place, Marines areExpeditionary Forces to tie into operational level logistics all a part of a complex and expansive supply networkorganizations and capabilities. that partners members from all branches, but how does aMCLOG provides operational logistics and naval logistics PowerPoint slide at Camp Pendleton teach Marines how tointegration training on a regular basis. This week is I MEF's re-supply deployed service members? This week during theopportunity to receive this training, said Kettner. The Operational Logistics Seminar (OLS) from November 30 toCommandant's guidance wants us to get after navalDecember 3, 2020, Marines, Sailors, and civilian personnelintegration, and OLS creates an environment where thatlearned how to bridge their tactical experience into thecan happen.strategic thinking processes that enable beans, bullets andMuch of the seminar focuses on training Marines in an bandages to be delivered to Marines in a theater. operational mindset, the priority of MCLOG for this training Most of the students who attended the four-day courseclosely follows the Commandant of the Marine Corps planning were attached to I Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) G4,guidance to shift focus back to the Pacific, and enable with most of the coursework centered around the impactMarines to operate in contested maritime environments.operational logistics can have on future MEF operations.I believe that MCLOG is putting capability behind theThis seminar teaches Marines how to plan with theOLS because it is in line with the Commandant's intent,Army, Navy and Air Force more successfully, said said Kettner. It is a naval logistics integration opportunity 12 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HJanuary 2021 H Thank You For Your Service"