b"and it is elevating our thoughts from the tactical into thewhat you consider operational support, said Kettner. I MEF operational, which in the end, all operational logistics is,G4 understands what levers to pull to better support the in my mind, is getting what the strategic level has down tomajor subordinate commands inside of I MEF. If they can the tactical level: it's that simple. But it tends to look moreprovide better sustainment to major subordinate commands difficult than it is, and OLS helps shed some light on how tobecause of connections made during OLS: mission success.get after that problem.The Commandants planning guidance stresses theLogisticians can use OLS as a platform to discuss theimportance of naval integration, and OLS provides anmovement of supplies, such as food and water and fuel, toopportunity to train personnel in line with the Commandant's troops all over the world. OLS provides personnel a means ofintent. The training covers several topics which aim to shiftsupporting their troops by facilitating an open-communicationI MEFs thinking from a tactical mindset to an operational environment for logisticians to discuss what has worked inand strategic logistics mindset. By attending OLS, you willthe past, what has not worked, and how to improve futurebe educated and trained on a range of military logistical efforts.operations such as joint-service capabilities, theater specific Everything we do is connected to so much more, saidroles, and necessary resources for your units pending Kettner. Creating an environment where you can have thosedeployments.heightened conversations, to learn, and to ask questions that you've been thinking about but didn't really know who to askU.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Abigail Paulor have a venue to ask it OLS provides an opportunity to train staff and augment logisticians in their training. This training provides I MEF personnel the resources to make joint-service connections. These joint-service connections provide logisticians with the ability to discuss lessons learned in different scenarios and how to improve the future of logistics for the MEF, the Marine Corps, and the Department of Defense. When you start to pull back the various classes OLS teaches, youllsee its a people business. Its really just knowing that there's someone to talk to,and then picking up the phone or sending an email, to get Thank You For Your Service HJanuary 2021 H Military Appreciation Resource Magazine 13"