b'www.vanc.meA Heart for ServiceI am quite excited that the calendar has changed to 2021. I dont think I am alone in considering 2020 a year best left in thecalendar I already threw away. We look forward to getting to see more active duty, veterans and their families and getting more done to help them. We look forward to having more connection to our community. More parades, more dinners, more Memorial Day observances and Veterans Day celebrations. As we look to the start of the year, and of course if the Governor wills it to be so, we will be open and completing the outdoor Honor Wall and event center. You can memorialize your family member or friend with a plaque on the Honor Wall.Learn more on our web site or give us a call at 760 722-1277.We will be serving food in our touchless food distribution until the need is met. If you are currently serving, have served, or a family member to a service member, you are eligible to pick up groceries for your family. Remember, every second Friday we will be out there. To register, go to www.vanc.me/foodOur Association members and volunteers are at the heart of what we do. A special Thank you to the American Legion Post 760, our Buffalo Soldiers, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Military Order of World Wars as well as all of our Community volunteer groups and active duty volunteers who help us get it done.Please check in with us on our web site as more programs, services and classes are allowed to return to active duty for you. We are still teaching Hunter Education Classes, Meeting in Vet to Vet groups, providing Yoga classes, and our Association Members are meeting, live or virtually as per State guidelines. Join a group, volunteer your time get out of your house and do something good for your community. We hope to see you at the parades, dinners, bingo nights, and golf tournaments, all year long.Photos courtesy: American Legion Post 76022 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HJanuary 2021 H Thank You For Your Service'