b'Quonset Huts Become Part of the Camp Pendleton Landscapefor work, rest and playMoving a Quonset Hut on a trailer, Camp Pendleton (1949). Photos courtesy of the Camp Pendleton ArchivesTHE GANGS ALL HERE - Children at play in the Homoja Housing area Quonset Huts at Headquarters, 2nd Infantry Training Regiment, 52 Area, Camp Pendleton stop and cast curious glances at the Scout (newspaper) photographer, their eager faces wondering what its all about (1949)Quonset Hut, Building #64386, 64 Area, Camp Talega,U.S. Marine sitting at a table inside a Quonset HutU.S. Marine relaxes on the couch in a Homoja Camp Pendleton barracks, Camp Pendleton (1964) Housing Quonset Hut, Camp Pendleton (1946).continued on page30Thank You For Your Service HJanuary 2021 H Military Appreciation Resource Magazine 29'