b'Crane from Camp Pendleton Maintenance Engineering Section lifts Quonset Hut to set it into place, Camp PendletonInterior of Division Schools Quonset Hut classroom, 52 Area, CampDivision Schools Brownville Quonset Huts, 1st Marine Division, 52 Area, Camp PendletonPendletonMargaret Peggy Fountain, wife of Marine Master Sgt. Dorman Fountain, Marine Corps Exchange Barber Shop Quonset Hut, Bldg #2267, 22 Area, Campstanding outside of Quonset Hut family housing quarters # 528-B, 21 Area, Del Pendleton Mar, Camp Pendleton (1948)30 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HJanuary 2021 H Thank You For Your Service'