b'Military Spouse Associationof Camp PendletonHISTORYThe Military Spouse Association of Camp Pendleton (MSACP) (formerly the Officers Spouses Club of Camp Pendleton) has been a philanthropic force within the Camp Pendleton community for more than 60 years.The MSACP transitioned to an all-hands association in 2016 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.Today, the MSACP is several hundred members strong and has many monthly events offered.MSACP members build relationships that support us during frequent deployments and similar hardships.We are making our military community stronger bynetworking, volunteering and giving back through ourphilanthropic programs of Military Dependent Scholarships and Community Enrichment Grants. MILITARY SPOUSE ASSOCIATIONOF CAMP PENDLETONP.O. BOX 5559OCEANSIDE, CA 92052www.msa-cp.org16 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine HJanuary 2021 H Thank You For Your Service'