b'.Thunderbirds continued from page 11 to the variations in chemicals, which allows paint After one season in the F-84F Thunderstreak,used on the F-4 to resist heat and friction at the Thunderbirds traded aircraft again andMach II speeds. As a result, the white paint base became the worlds first supersonic aerial was developed and remains a part of todays demonstration team as it transitioned to theThunderbird aircraft design.F-100C Super Sabre in 1956. That same year, In 1974, a spreading fuel crisis inspired a new to simplify logistics and maintenance for theaircraft for the team, the T-38A Talon. Although aircraft, the Thunderbirds moved to Nellis AFB,the Talon did not fulfill the Thunderbirds tradition Nev. Although never a regular part of the show,of flying front-line jet fighters, it did demonstrate the solo would fly supersonic at the request of anthe capabilities of a prominent Air Force aircraft.air show sponsor in 1956. Eventually, the FederalRemaining true to its character to showcase the Aviation Administration banned all supersoniclatest advancement in Americas fighter technology, flight at air shows, and consequently, todaysthe first red, white and blue F-16A assigned to sequence is entirely subsonic. the Thunderbirds was delivered to Nellis AFB on Nearly forgotten, the F-105B ThunderchiefJun. 22, 1982. performed only six shows between April 26 andDue to the conversion to the new aircraft, there May 9, 1964. Following an unfortunate accidentwere no official shows flown in 1982. The team in the F-105, the team transitioned back to theflew the F-16 during the 1983 show season; Super Sabre following the incident and the F-100making it the teams ninth aircraft and once again remained with the team for nearly 13 years. returning to flying a front-line fighter.The Thunderbirds started the 1969 training In 1997, the Thunderbirds performed 57 demonstrations for more than 12 million people season still in the F-100Ds, but in the spring ofin the spirit and theme of the Air Forces 50th 1969, received the first of the new McDonnellanniversary. The year was memorialized with the Douglas F-4E Phantom IIs and began the Thunderbirds Delta pictured on the official Air teams conversion. Force 50th Anniversary U.S. Postal stamp. On The F-4s conversion was the most extensive Sept. 18, 1997, the United States Postal Service in the teams history. Among several other had official unveilings of the stamp in both the modifications, the paint scheme changed due Pentagon and the Thunderbird hangar.12 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine Thank You For Your Service'