b'U.S. Navy Parachute TeamThe Leap Frogshttps://leapfrogs.navyIn 1961, the U.S. Navy Parachute Exhibition Team, Chuting Stars was formed to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Naval Aviation. The Parachutists were selected from the Navy Test Parachute Unit, NAF, El Centro, CA. Theresuccess led to permanent status and a moveto NAS, Pensacola for the 1962 to 1964 airshow seasons. Midway through the 1964season, the Chuting Stars became thevictim of budget cuts and their operationwas discontinued.Two years later, the Chief of NavalOperations authorized a NavyParachute Team (NPT) to be basedat Naval Air Technical Training Center, Lakehurst, NJ.A full schedule ofdemonstration and competitionparachuting events weremaintained into 1969, whenauthorization was grantedto reactivate theChuting Stars designationas the official U.S. NavyParachute Team. In 1971, following asuccessful season, thesame fate of budget cutsthat discontinued theprevious Chuting Starsgrounded the currentteam for the final time. The team was officially U.S. Navy photo by James Woodscommissioned the Leap Frogs in 1974 and atthe outset, personally owned parachutes and equipment were utilized, which provided little uniformity. The NPT (West) continued to retain Leap Frogs as their name, and the NPT (East) adopted Chuting Stars as theirs. For the next dozen years, the Mississippi served as the dividingexcellence throughout the United States byline for demonstrations scheduled by the Navalsupporting Navy recruiting efforts and promoting Recruiting Command. Initially there was littlethe Naval Special Warfare community to the contact between both Teams.In the mid 80s,American public.due to funding constraints and operationalTodays U.S. Navy Parachute Team is comprised tempo, the Chuting Stars were disbanded of fifteen Navy SEALs, SWCCs, and Parachute and the Leap Frogs assumed responsibility Riggers assigned to Naval Special Warfare. for all official parachute demonstrations withinEach member is a volunteer and assigned for a the Navy. three-year tour. They are drawn from the Naval The Chief of Naval Operations assigned theSpecial Warfare Groups located on the east and Leap Frogs the mission of demonstrating Navywest coasts. J26 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine Thank You For Your Service'