b'U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute TeamBlack Daggerswww.soc.mil/blackdaggers/blackdaggers.htmlThe Black Daggers use the military variantof the ram-air parachute, which allows afree-fall parachutist the ability to jump withmore than 100 pounds of additionalequipment attached. In addition to the extra weight, the jumpermust also withstand high winds, frigid temperaturesand low oxygen levels, all of which require thejumper to be highly skilled.Demonstration Teamand Competition TeamU.S. Air Force photo/SeniorThe Black Daggers mission is to perform Airman Tristin English)live aerial demonstrations in support ofArmy special operations communityrelations and recruiting. Composed of volunteers fromthroughout Army special operations,the Black Daggers have diversebackgrounds and are skilledin various military specialtiesincluding Special Forces, Rangers,civil affairs, psychological operations, and signal and support. With an average age of 33 andan average number of free-falljumps at 560, the team representsthe professionalism and dedication ofArmy special operations forces. The Black Daggers are based out ofFort Bragg, North Carolina. There are little less than adozen on the team, which is made upof USASOC Soldiers. The Black Daggers perform forboth military and civilian audiences.Descending from the skies at 12,500 feet,traveling nearly 120 miles per hour, free-fallparachuting is the closest humans have evercome to actually flying. During their two-mile drop, theBlack Daggers maneuver their body usingtheir hands, arms, legs and shoulders tocontrol their flight. At a few thousand feet, they deploy theirparachutes and land withpin-point precision. JPhoto By: Kemberly Groue, Air ForceThank You For Your Service Military Appreciation Resource Magizine 25'