b'NOAA Celebrating Golden AnniversaryThroughout 2020NOAA Ship THOMAS JEFFERSON in New York Harbor abreast of the Statue of Liberty. Photo by Personnel of the NOAA Ship THOMAS JEFFERSONNOAA is kicking off a year-longOur nations oldest science agencies came together,as one, with a vision to protect and enrich life by better celebration to mark its upcomingunderstanding our ocean and atmosphere, said Cheryl 50th anniversary.Oliver, director of the NOAA Heritage program, which honors the legacy of NOAA through special events and exhibits Since its inception on October 3, 1970, NOAA has across the country. Today, people depend on NOAA science become one of the worlds premier science agencies thatand services every day, in our homes, on the coasts we love, protects life and property, leads stewardship of the oceanin our daily commerce, in the seafood we eat and in our and Great Lakes, and drives the blue economya missionpersonal safety.that spans from the surface of the sun to the floor of Day in and day out, NOAA serves the nation in many ways:the ocean.Leading in environmental science and technology,Over the past five decades, NOAA has grown into ahelping the world adapt to our changing planet.premier science agency essential to our Nation, said Neil NOAA is innovating, pushing forward withJacobs, acting NOAA administrator. We are proud of thatnew research, cutting-edge technologies anlegacy and of the people who champion it every day.ground-breaking scientific discoveries that willOur skilled and diverse workforce and partnerships makehelp us better understand our planet.NOAA a strong and unique agency, and they have set the Building a Weather-Ready Nation. NOAA is at thestage for continued innovation and discovery for decades forefront of weather science, making earlier and more to come.accurate forecasts, equipping emergency responders Although NOAA was formally established decades ago,so communities are informed and prepared for naturalits roots originated a century earlier with the Survey ofdisasters Our forecasts save lives, protect property,the Coast in 1807 and the Weather Bureau and U.S. Fishboost the U.S. economy and strengthen national security.Commission in the 1870scontinued on page 42Thank You For Your Service Military Appreciation Resource Magizine 41'