b'Set up and went into operation almost overnight. It patrolledour shores-performed the anti-submarine work at a time on almost desperate national crisis. If it had done nothing beyond that, the Civil Air Patrol would have earned an honorable place in the history of American Airpower.~Gen Henry Hap Arnold, General of the Air Force and greatadvocate of CAP~The following accounting are from collections and research of many CAP historians. The fact is that most wings destroyed all records regarding Coastal Patrol operations three months after operations ceased as suggested in regulations at the time.Civil Air Patrol Coastal Patrol Base Facts: Duck Club National Commanders during operation,Brig Gen John F. Curry, then Brig Gen Earl Johnson Founded by Col L. A. Jack Vilas, the Duck ClubOperations began 5 March 1942 and ended on 31 August 1943 was an unofficial club of Coastal Patrol personnel who90 day experiment lasted 18 months made a forced landing on water during an assignment. AlthoughthereappearstobeseveralvariationsStarted with 3 bases and ended with 21; oftheduckclubemblem,86,865 missions flown totaling 244,600 hours and covering themostdetailedaccount over 24 Million miles isdescribedasared91 ships in distress and 363 u-boat attack survivors had duckover-layedonthe helped summoned for them by CAP; blue CAP disc.One Hundred Fourteen5,684 special convey missions flown at the request of memberswereinducted the US Navy into the Duck Club.17 mines spotted Thenameswerefound83 bombs and depth charges were dropped throughhistoricalresearchand2 confirmed German Subs sunk, with 57 additional probables data complied by the 1984 CAP Historical Committee.26 auxiliarymen perished, 7 critically wounded,Southeast Region Archives90 aircraft were lost. http://archives.sercap.us/research-center/honors/duck-club.aspxThank You For Your Service Military Appreciation Resource Magizine 31'