b'On Saturday, June 13, JB MDL will transition toPhase 1 of the COVID-19 installation reopening planwww.jbmdl.jb.mil/Coronavirus/As we see a decrease in the number of COVID-19Of note, not all changes will immediately occur cases across our region, I am encouraged by howon 13 June (note different dates within Phase 1). far weve come. Team JB MDL will emerge a stron- Updates will be posted as phases, services orger force from the challenges and lessons learnedaccess change. If you have a specific questionthroughout this pandemic. We must continue to fol- on a service or facility that is changing in Phase 1, low CDC guidelines, practice good personal hygiene,please contact that service/facility for guidance.and maintain awareness of physical distance, saysAs a reminder, military members still require Col. Bridget Gigliotti, the installation commander. We will continue to follow Office of the Secretarytheir commanders approval to travel to of Defense and Air Force guidance as we evaluatelarge metropolitan areas of New York City, further changes to our health protection posture andPhiladelphia, D.C. and Baltimore.re-opening of services and access. For more information, follow us on Facebook For more details about the changes in Phase 1,and download the official base mobile app JBMDLupdated services chart and the phased approach outline. www.jbmdl.jb.mil/Coronavirus/ www.facebook.com/JointBaseMcGuireDixLakehurst/NAWCAD Lakehurst supports work and dedication, said Kathleen Donnelly, NJs fight against COVID-19 NAWCAD Lakehurst executive director.The NAWCAD By NAWCAD Lakehurst Public Affairs | NAWCAD Public Affairs | June 12, 2020 Lakehurst advanced www.jbmdl.jb.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2217910/nawcad-lakehurst-supports-njs-fight-against-covid-19/ manufacturing / pro-Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Divisiontotype engineering (NAWCAD) Lakehurst supplied more than 2,000team expanded its face shields to its military partners and the localmetal-based AM facil- (Photo by NAWCAD Public Affairs)community in Ocean County, New Jersey to helpity with new machines protect personnel from the novel Coronavirusto print face shields (COVID-19). after seeing the need Approximately 1,900 face shields were providedfor Personal Protective to the Ocean County Office of EmergencyEquipment grow during Management. Face shields were also provided tothe early stages of the United States Naval Ship Comfort, the U.S. AirCOVID-19 pandemic, said Forces 305th Air Mobility Wing and 108th WingKyle Cobb, NAWCAD Lakehurst stationed at JB MDL, and NAWCAD Lakehurst AM technology lead.personnel. It has been an extremely rewarding experience Initially, NAWCAD Lakehurst used its Additiveto leverage our industrial capabilities to respond Manufacturing (AM) process, which builds a 3Dto this global health crisis, Cobb said. I personally object from a computer-aided design model,have many family members and friends who are to produce the face shields. It worked with themilitary personnel, healthcare workers and first Naval Air Systems Command AM team to ensureresponders who are on the front line so I realize that all shields produced were high quality andhow important this effort is.met requirements. The Department of Defense, Federal Emergency A few weeks later, NAWCAD Lakehurst wasManagement Agency and the Food and Drug able to leverage its traditional manufacturingAdministration alongside the medical community technologies, dramatically increasing productionare coordinating the production (via 3D printing throughput. and standard manufacturing) of medical supplies The battle against COVID-19 is a team effort,in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.and I cant thank our team enough for their hardLearn more: https://www.navair.navy.mil/coronavirus2 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine Thank You For Your Service'