b'The Beginning of Organized Air Shows Wikipedia photos.Reims, FranceBarnstormingThe worlds leading aviators met at Reims, France,The Air Show originally registered 38 planes to to compete in the first organized international aircompete but only 23 competed, 15 were biplanes meet between August 22 and August 29, 1909. and eight were monoplanes. The Reims Air Meet The Reims Air Meet featured competitions forestablished aerial competitions as a leading form best flights of distance, altitude, and speed.of entertainment in the early 20th century.Cash prizes and impressive trophies enticed 1910 U.S. Major Airshowsthe competitors to set new records in nearlyThree major airshows occurred in the United every category.States, Los Angeles, Boston, and New York after Public interest in aviation was running high Inthe Reims Air Meet in 1910. July, one month before the Air Show, when FrenchLarge crowds turned out to see their firstaviator Louis Bleriot become the first person to flyactual aircraft at these events. Pilots entertained across the English Channel. the crowds with some dazzling aerial stunts and American pilots Scott, and Glenn Curtiss were theseveral pilots set new records.only foreigners to compete out of the twenty-twoThe first major U.S. airshow took place at aviators to enter the air show. The other pilotsDominguez Field, just south of Los Angeles,were French.The Gordon Bennett Cup Race, or speed contestfrom January 10-20, 1910. The second American was the most important event of the Reims Airairshow, the Harvard-Boston Aero Meet took place Meet. American James Gordon Bennett, the famousat Harvard Aviation Field in Atlantic, Massachusetts, publisher of The New York Herald newspaper and from September 3-13, 1910. It was the first major a longtime fan and sponsor of various speed air event in the East.contests, lent his name to the race by putting upThe third U.S. airshow of 1910 took place at a the prize money and offering a trophy.large racetrack on Long Island, in Belmont Park, Europes most celebrated aviator, was favoredNew York, from October 22-31. The Belmont to win, but Glenn Curtiss time was the fastestInternational Aviation Tournament. by six seconds. Curtiss was proclaimed the newPilots from England, France, and the United Champion Aviator of the World. As anticipated,States competed at the event which included best the speed race had been the highlight of thealtitude, speed, and distance, to the most precise week. landing and the best mechanic.During the week long Air Show betweenThese first significant American airshows would 300,000 and 500,000 spectators witnessed theprove important to the future of U.S. aviation.races and contestscontinued on page 8Thank You For Your Service Military Appreciation Resource Magizine 7'