b'U.S. Air Force AcademyParachute TeamThe Wings Of Bluehttp://wingsofblue.comThe Wings Of Blue are the U.S. Air Forces Parachute Team based out of the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.The Team performsworld class parachute demonstrations in front of millions of spectators every year.The Wings of Blue have a long standing commitment to personal and organizationalexcellence as well as astoried history of success. While the airspace that the Wings of Blue operates in is one of the busiest in the world, their drop U.S. Air Force Photozone is one of the safest. The primary mission of the Wings of Blue is to run the Air Forces Basic Freefall Parachuting course, known as Airmanship 490 (AM-490). Members of the team serve primarily asjumpmasters and instructors for this course, devoting most of their time to teaching students about parachuting and training them to make unassisted freefall skydives. AM-490 is the only first-jump program inthe world where students can make their first freefall jump without assistance. Each year, over 700 cadets are given the opportunity to take AM-490 and earn their jump wings.Cadet volunteers who meet Juniors and Seniors also participatestringent physical requirements in advance skydiving activities includingmay enroll in the basic freefall international demonstrations at airshowsparachute program, normallyand other venues, as well as individual and team during the summer after yourcompetitions at the collegiate and national level.fourth-class year. Completing Demonstration Team and Competition Team five freefall jumps earns you theThe Wings of Blue has both a demonstration Air Force basic parachute wings.team and a competition team. The demonstration Cadets from the basicfreefall course may thenteam travels across the country to airshows, be selected as parachute/jumpmaster traineessporting events, and other venues to represent during your sophomore year. Graduates of thisthe Air Force in precision parachuting. course become official members of the Air ForceSimilarly, the competition team represents the Parachute Team, The Wings of Blue, and serveAir Force by competing with teams from around as the primary instructors for the basic freefallthe country in 6-way speed formations, 4-way course.relative work, 2-way free fly, and sport accuracy. J24 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine'