b'www.njwg.cap.govCol. Joseph H. Abegg, Sr.U.S. AIR FORCE OFFICER CAREERUSAF Active Duty (1980-1987) USAF Reserve (1987-2007)Retired as Lieutenant Colonel (2006)Today, Col. Abegg leads the over1,350 members of New Jersey Wing,Civil Air Patrol in service to ourcommunities, state, and nation.Col. Joseph Joe H. Abegg, Sr. hasbeen an active member ofCivil Air Patrol for over 45 years.NEW JERSEY WING HEADQUARTERSOffice: 609-614-0580public.affairs@njwg.cap.gov 3412 Neely RdJoint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJCivil Air Patrol, as the official Auxiliary of the United StatesRobotics, Flight Simulation, Remotely-Piloted Aircraft, Cyber Air Force, and, as a humanitarian, non-profit organization,Security, and Satellite Tracking and Imagery will help inspire has garnered the support and commitment of its 61,000+youth toward aerospace careers to maintain national security volunteer members nationwide, alongside a three-personfor the future.Aerospace Education team at CAP National Headquarters In an effort to disseminate current and relevant nationalat Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, and has answered theAE outreach information to its members and the general nations call to action to prepare our nations youth to bepublic, CAP publishes a quarterly Volunteer magazine,patriotically and technologically prepared for the globalprovides online daily Volunteer Now stories from theaerospace demands of the future. Although CAPs AEfield, and maintains this AE website with an ever-evolving Program has been making significant contributions to thisrepository of resources, programs, and products.effort for 67 years, it has embraced a 21st century leadershipTo recognize outstanding efforts of its members whorole with restructured, revised, and re-energized productspromote Aerospace/STEM Education across the nation,and programs more relevant to todays standards of learningCAP provides a array of local and national AE awards forand tomorrows workforce needs. AEs interdisciplinaryoutstanding cadets, senior members, and educator members. products and programs engage youth in an applicable,To perpetuate the education of its members, CAP offers inquiry-based learning framework that supplements coreflight and academic scholarships and college credit to CAP subjects and enhances traditional learning. These academiccadet, adult, and educator members, as well as specific standards-based products and programs are provided toregional and national training symposiums for CAP AE educators at no cost, a fact that is helping to offset the lackOfficers and educator members.of local, state, and federal funding for educational programs. To provide strategic AE leadership, the volunteer National CAPs unpaid professionals, both in community CAPAE Officer, Lt Col Mike McArdle, has developed diverse squadrons and in classrooms, youth organizations, andLeadership Teams tasked with specific responsibilities to aviation museums, are trained in technology and educationalfurther perpetuate the momentum, funding, credibility, and impact of the CAP AE program across the country. programs that continue to sustain CAPs reputation as aThese teams are working to promote and support existing national resource of choice. High-level technology usage,and new programs, establish partnerships and alliances, such as Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR thermal imagingand provide professional development opportunities,sensors for Search & Rescue missions) and Unmanned Aerialscholarships, financial assistance, symposia, special studies, Vehicle training capabilities are conducted by CAP adultand programs that involve schools, youth organizations, and cadet members. Using CAP subject matter experts asmuseums, and universities.mentors to youth, new CAP educational products pertaining towww.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/aerospace-education/about-us32 Military Appreciation Resource Magazine Thank You For Your Service'