b'NOAA Oceans & Coasts assessment, and coastal mapping. NOAA aircraft carry https://oceanservice.noaa.gov scientists and specialized instrument packages to conduct Our ocean and coasts affect usand we affect them.research for NOAAs missions. Composed of civilians and Almost 40 percent of the countrys population lives inofficers of the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps, OMAO coastal shoreline counties. These counties contribute also manages the NOAA Diving Program, NOAA Small Boat $6.6 trillion to the U.S. economy. Climate change, sea levelProgram and NOAA Aviation Safety Program.rise, more intense storms, and population growth are allNOAA Chartingchallenges for our coastal communities. The National Oceanwww.nauticalcharts.noaa.govService helps decision makers find solutions. We are theWhether its the nations nautical charts, environmental nations leader in observing, measuring, assessing, protecting,monitoring and assessment, or providing the nationsand managing coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes areas. geodetic framework, NOAA and our partners are committed NOAA FISHERIES to integrating science and services to provide actionablewww.fisheries.noaa.govwww.fishwatch.gov information. Our work is guided by two core mandatesto ensure The goal is to increase ocean and coastal the productivity and sustainability of fisheries and fishingintelligence and thereby improve the ability to navigate safely communities through science-based decision-making andand make informed choices. Good decisions today protect compliance with regulations, and to recover and conservelives and property tomorrow.protected resources including whales, turtles, and salmon. NOAAS Protected PlacesWe have five regional offices, six science centers, and National Marine Sanctuary Systemmore than 20 laboratories around the United States andhttps://sanctuaries.noaa.govU.S. territories.NOAA Satellites National Estuarine Research Reserveswww.nesdis.noaa.govhttps://oceanservice.noaa.gov/ecosystems/nerrs/The NOAA Satellite and Information Service providesNational Marine Protected Areas Center timely access to global environmental data from satellites https://marineprotectedareas.noaa.gov/and other sources to monitor and understand our dynamicConserving coastal places provides economic benefitsEarth. We manage the Nations operational environmentalto local communities. These communities rely on dollarssatellites and deliver data and information services such asspent on activities such as recreation and tourism. Earth system monitoring and official assessments of NOAA works to conserve marine areasandthe environment. preserve the economic benefits of these special placesNOAA Research to local communitiesthrough its coastal management and https://research.noaa.gov place-based conservation programs. NOAAs Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) orThese include Coastal Zone Management, the CoastalNOAA Research provides the research foundation forand Estuarine Land Conservation Program, the National understanding the complex systems that support our planet. Estuarine Research Reserve System, National Marine Working in partnership with other parts of NOAA, OARSanctuaries, and the Coral Reef Conservation Program. enables better forecasts, earlier warnings for natural disasters,NOAA will continue to express the inherent value and national interest in conserving these special places for the and a greater understanding of the Earth. Our role is toContract # 5205 A1American public. Jprovide unbiased science to better manage the environment,2019 Military Appreciation Resource Booknationally, and globally.NOAA Marine & Aviationwww.omao.noaa.gov MilitaryOMAOs research and survey ships comprise the largestDiscountfleet of federal research ships in the nation. Ranging fromAvailablelarge oceanographic research vessels capable of exploring the worlds deepest ocean, to smaller ships responsible for charting the shallow bays and inlets of the United States, the fleet supports a wide range of marine activities including fisheries research, nautical charting, and ocean and climate609-758-3222studies. OMAOs aircraft operate throughout the world66 Wrightstown-Cookstown Road, Cookstown, NJ 08511providing a wide range of capabilities including hurricaneaccessselfstorage.comreconnaissance and research, marine mammal and fisheries Thank You For Your Service Military Appreciation Resource Magizine 43'